Cabinet (Re)Painting Services in Bedford, Texas

Not sure where to start with home improvements? Why not make your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a different color? Don't blow your budget on pricey renovations or redesigns. With our cabinet painting services, Cabinet Transformer in Bedford, Texas can give your cabinets a completely new appearance. You have an infinite number of color options to choose from when working with our professional painters in Bedford, Texas. We can completely transform your cabinets and improve the aesthetics of your house in just a few days. We have the colors you want, whether you want something neutral or something that stands out. You can show off your personality with our selection of custom colors. Can't decide on a color? We can assist! Our professional cabinet painters will take you through our entire process and help you find a color to match your style. At Cabinet Transformer in Bedford, Texas, we go above and beyond. Unlike other companies that simply slap on a coat of paint and call it a day, we’ll thoroughly clean and prime your cabinets first to make the surface more adhesive and apply a top coat to ensure durability.


Custom Cabinet Services in Bedford, Texas

Your Bedford, Texas cabinets deteriorate with time due to constant use. With our cabinet refinishing services, Cabinet Transformer in Bedford, Texas, can upgrade your cabinets for a reasonable price. Our services will revitalize your old cabinets for a fraction of the cost of traditional cabinet restoration or remodeling methods. We can completely transform your cabinets, giving them new life and luster for years to come, in just one or two days. Concerned that the process will harm your cabinets? Our cabinet restoration process only causes minor surface wear and does not call for a color shift or change. Periodic touch-ups are simple once we clean the surface of the grease and dirt. Our artisans at Cabinet Transformer in Bedford, Texas, take extra care to finish the job correctly. We begin by getting rid of the grease and dirt accumulation that has made the surface of your wood look flat. Then, we thoroughly clean the surface, remove old coatings, repair damaged areas, and apply an elegant finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Services in Bedford, Texas

Call the Bedford, Texas, cabinet refinishing professionals at Cabinet Transformer if you've had your wood cabinets for a while and want to bring back their former life and luster. Our cabinet refinishing services will bring your cabinets back to their former splendor while taking up less time and cost than conventional cabinet refinishing services. Older cabinets might look so scratched and discolored that they require sanding, refacing, or even replacement with brand-new fronts. However, Bedford, Texas's Cabinet Transformer makes it simple to return shabby cabinets to their original state even after years of use. When updating cabinets, you might be undecided about whether to refinish your cabinets or to have them painted by a team of cabinet painters. Unfortunately, many professional cabinet painters apply a layer or two of paint and call it a day. At Cabinet Transformer, our cabinet refinishing process does more than just cover up an old look with a new one. Instead, we restore the color and finish of your cabinets to like-new condition, offering a beautiful finish that will last for years


Bathroom Cabinet Services in Bedford, Texas

In Bedford, Texas, Cabinet Transformer offers services beyond merely installing kitchen cabinets. We reconstruct them, returning them to their first spotless state. Rebuilding and restoring damage brought on by fire, smoke, water, or any other destructive force calls for specialized abilities. Our highly skilled carpenters and construction background enable us to restore kitchen cabinets so that they appear to have just been delivered from the factory. In just three days, transform your kitchen! You can have your outdated, unsightly kitchen cabinets updated by Cabinet Transformer in Bedford, Texas to create a contemporary, useful, showcase kitchen! And we can do this for half the price of refacing and a fraction of the cost of a remodel. This is a popular option because you get the remodel look, without the remodel price. We can remove and replace existing cabinet drawer boxes which include full-extension, soft-close hardware, and also roll-out shelves for pantries or for pots and pans. With numerous years in business, Cabinet Transformers in Bedford, Texas has the knowledge, reputation, and experience to help you with your cabinet restoration process.