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Cabinet refinishing is our area of expertise at Cabinet Transformer in Parker, Texas. When you want to upgrade the appearance or design, avoid the additional cost of replacement, and prefer the time savings of refinishing, choosing cabinet refinishing is a good option. Our passion is refinishing cabinets in Parker, Texas, and we only use the best oil-based stains, lacquers, and refinishing methods. Our craftsmanship is of artisanal quality and is based on years of expert cabinet refinishing experience backed by our licensed, insured, and bonded crew of professionals. When working with our team in Parker, Texas, you can count on the utmost professionalism and respect towards you and your home. If you are moving in or out, or simply want to bring back the beauty of your existing cabinets, now is the time to add property value in Parker, Texas with this desirable, affordable beautiful cabinet restoration solution. Restoring cabinets is what we do, it allows you to keep your existing finish and extends the life of your cabinets. Not only will they make your Parker, Texas home beautiful, but they will also feel beautiful as well. Restoring your cabinets is a smart alternative to a messy, expensive, remodel that can take a prolonged period of time and be a very time-consuming commitment.


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In Parker, Texas, we offer a wide range of services, such as refacing garage cabinets, wall cabinet systems, workshop cabinets, and much more. Customers always come first at our company, and you will always be kept informed of new developments and progress on your project. To help you get ready for your installation and make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible, we will provide all the information you require. Cabinet Transformers of Parker, Texas, promises that we will be on-call to answer all your questions. Our family-owned and locally-operated business is licensed, insured, and bonded for our client's satisfaction and safety. It’s important to have the job done by professionals like us in Parker, Texas because they know exactly how to remove and replace hardware. Several factors will determine the pricing of your cabinet refinishing and painting services. The size of the cabinets and the number of doors and drawers are basic factors. Other factors include whether you choose a stain or paint and whether you want them done on-site or not. In advance of the painting crew arriving for a cabinet painting or restoration project, we request you prepare your Parker, Texas cabinets by removing all items from them. Give our friendly cabinet representative a call today for more painting information.

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Without replacing the cabinet boxes, we can install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts to solve your cabinets' current issues on a budget. We will paint everything to give it a brand-new feel and match cabinet boxes to your new fronts. When compared to completely replacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets in Parker, Texas, these services can save you thousands of dollars. Our team has a wealth of experience working with residential cabinets in Parker, Texas, and we are aware of the unique specifications required for each type of home cabinet structure. Enjoy unlimited styles and color choices, with our experienced team and high-quality materials we have succeeded with satisfaction for every client, all while saving them money in the process. We provide quality products and craftsmanship to achieve lasting, gorgeous kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing at super affordable pricing in Parker, Texas. We inspect your cabinet type of material and style before we begin our process. Our team will then discuss your ideal colors and what you had in mind for you and what you want for your cabinets. We have an extensive portfolio to help show you some of our work and spark inspiration for what you'd like. We use professional finishing equipment that most cabinet refacing companies in Parker, Texas don't have.


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Compared to other Parker, Texas cabinet contractors, our painting and restoration services offer something unique. The majority of cabinet painters will only apply a few coats of paint before calling it a day. Before painting, Cabinet Transformer thoroughly cleans the area. Then, it applies the proper adhesive, your chosen color, and a topcoat to give your paint the maximum amount of durability it is capable of. You can change the entire look of your cabinets with just the color, we want you to be able to fully express yourself in your cabinets and what you want out of them. Save money by having your cabinets painted or restored by Cabinet Transformer in Parker, Texas rather than going for an expensive renovation or remodel. Cabinets are a feature in your Parker, Texas home that can drastically change a kitchen or bathroom space. They are either outdated or hip and current, but in either case, they make a huge impression on your home. Cabinet Transformer in Parker, Texas is prepared and capable of restoring and painting cabinets. Cabinet restoration and coatings can be intrusive projects because they are undertaken in the kitchen or living spaces and require sanding and spraying, which is why we pride ourselves on your precise pinpoint detail while maintaining a streamlined, efficient work ethic to finish your project with the least amount of disruption possible.