Cabinet Services in Richardson, Texas

Cabinet (Re)Finishing | Cabinet (Re)Painting | Cabinet (Re)Facing | Cabinet Restoration

Based in Richardson, Texas, at Cabinet Transformer, we specialize in a host of cabinet services including, but not limited to, cabinet refinishing and cabinet restoration. Our process is marked by meticulous attention to detail and the use of top-quality materials and techniques to ensure a result that not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time. Our cabinet refinishing process begins with a thorough assessment of your current cabinets. We believe in preserving the integrity and originality of your cabinets while giving them a refreshing update. The initial assessment allows us to understand the specific requirements, ensuring we deliver exactly what you desire.


Once the assessment is complete, we embark on the preparatory stage, which is essential for achieving a flawless finish. This involves cleaning the surfaces to remove any grease or dirt, followed by lightly sanding the cabinets to create an ideal surface for the finish to adhere to. After preparation, we move on to the application of the finish. Our expert craftsmen are adept at applying various finishes, ensuring a smooth and even coating that significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets. Once the finish is dry, we perform a final inspection to guarantee that the quality of our work meets your expectations and our high standards. Upon completion of the work, we conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is done to perfection. We take great pride in our work and are committed to leaving our clients with a product they can be proud of for years to come. At Cabinet Transformer, we view each project as a unique opportunity to showcase our skills and dedication to quality craftsmanship. We are proud to serve the community of Richardson, Texas, and look forward to assisting you with all your cabinet refinishing and restoration needs.