Add Color To Your Cabinets in DFW

Your imagination and our skill will help you create the Home of your Dreams! Transforming the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is the most cost-effective way to not only enhance your home by adding your own unique personality but also increase its value.

When it comes to coloring cabinets, we are your "One Call Fix All" solution for all your cabinet needs. Our team provides top quality services without blowing your budget! The best kept secret in the Home Improvement industry is that coloring the bathroom or kitchen cabinets is much more affordable than replacing them. We will quickly revitalize your cabinets and help breathe new life into your home.


Our Recent Projects

Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas
Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas
Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas
Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas
Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas
Custom Cabinet Installation in Arlington Texas

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Another important factor to consider for your cabinet project is custom hardware. Cabinet Transformer preps and installs knobs, pulls, handles, and hinges. We also provide you expert support and guidance when selecting these vital, yet often overlooked ingredients to cabinet refacing project. These small and important details bring the sparkle back to the cabinets of your bathroom or kitchen. Don't hesitate to call us and find out more about Transforming your kitchen or bathroom today!

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Reawakening the appeal of a cabinetry system or set of cabinets for local Texas properties can be accomplished through a variety of methods and renewal techniques. With some of those cabinet revival methods being fast, efficient, and with minimal alterations to the actual material that comprises the cabinets while other, more invasive methods can completely transform the cabinetry systems but often require adhering/attaching additional material to achieve the desired design or ‘look’; it’s always prudent to utilize a local Dallas, TX cabinetry-related resource (such as our unmatched expertise here at Cabinet Transformer) in order to realize the true potential of your property’s cabinets & cabinetry system(s). We feel it’s important to outline the options and particulars of our cabinet system & cabinetry services and what exactly that they entail; as well as their inherent similarities in benefit and differences in actual application. Please note that we’ve dedicated over a quarter of a century towards not only honing our particular cabinet services and the swiftness in which they are carried out at our client’s behest but also towards developing and ultimately pioneering many restorative practices and recovery techniques that are steeped in quality and strained by innovation.

Cabinet Services For Local Texas Cabinet Systems

With nearly three decades of expressed experience in the many applications that are dedicated to revitalizing the appeal of cabinets and cabinetry systems (such as cabinet refacing, cabinet [re]finishing, and cabinet [re]painting), it is our goal to maintain our status as one of Dallas, Texas’ chosen cabinetry service contractors. We’ve embraced the finer nuances of what adds an undeniable charm to the cabinets & cabinetry systems that adorn the interior of our patrons’ properties and we are inexorably able to achieve this through our quality-driven cabinet services that include cabinet [re]finishing, cabinet [re]painting, cabinet [re]facing, and cabinet restoration. Whether a particular set of cabinets or cabinetry system is supporting a home’s garage with supplemental storage and additional organization or if the cabinets are meant to be the captivating centerpiece of a Dallas, Texas homeowner’s kitchen, we have the experience and efficacy to truly transform the allure of nearly any cabinets or cabinetry systems. For the convenience of our valued customers throughout the many Dallas, TX *communities that we proudly provide our *cabinet services to, we maintain flexible scheduling and punctual service times surrounding the many cabinetry service options we offer as a matter of course.

The Particulars Of Our Cabinet Services In Texas

(Communities We Serve Here In Texas: We are extremely appreciative of our many clients, patrons, customers, partners, & supporters which is why we always strive to provide our communities in & around Dallas, Texas with unrivaled coverage concerning cabinets & cabinetry systems. Our cabinet & cabinetry services typically include cabinet [re]facing techniques, seamless cabinet [re]painting, custom cabinet finishing & [re]finishing, or comprehensive cabinet restoration. All of which can be garnered in the following Texas cities, towns, and communities: Southlake, Texas, Mansfield, Texas, Plano, Texas, and the many residents living in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX regions.)

(Cabinet Services We Offer Our Fellow Dallas, Texas Residents: By adopting a very versatile approach towards maximizing our cabinetry system and cabinet-related service options, we’ve been able to ensure countless customers in and around Dallas, Texas are covered as far as their cabinets & cabinetry systems are concerned. Included in this ever-increasing effort to provide diverse coverage concerning cabinets & cabinetry systems on behalf of our local Dallas, Texas clientele are cabinet [re]facing, cabinet [re]painting, cabinet [re]finishing, and cabinet restoration services.)

Offering Complete Cabinetry Coverage In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

It's our company-wide goal to not only continue providing top-notch cabinet services in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX to local patrons but to also further our reputation as a leading local cabinet company. As such, we've made overtures to broaden our cabinet service coverage to include cabinet refinishing, cabinet repainting, cabinet refacing, & cabinet restorations. Moreover, we've included an outline of our cabinetry refinishing process to better understand & consequently appreciate the care & attention our cabinet refinishing services entail.

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