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Cabinet Restoration in Tarrant County, TX

Update those outdated cabinets in your Tarrant County, Texas home today by utilizing Cabinet Transformer’s cabinet restoration services! Rather than replacing every cabinet, save money by restoring your Tarrant County, Texas cabinets!

Cabinet Restoration in Dallas County, TX

Revive those old Dallas County, Texas cabinets today with Cabinet Transformer’s cabinet restoration services! Modernize your Dallas County, Texas household starting with revitalizing those old-looking cabinets!

Cabinet Restoration in Denton County, TX

Are your Denton County, Texas cabinets an eyesore? If so, Cabinet Transformer has a solution! Cabinet Transformer offers professional cabinet restoration services to give your Denton County, Texas home an elegant new look!


Cabinet Restoration in Ellis County, TX

Your Ellis County, Texas home deserves to look fresh and new! One of the best ways to start this process is by utilizing Cabinet Transformer’s professional cabinet restoration services in Ellis County, Texas!

Cabinet Restoration in Johnson County, TX

In the heart of Texas hill country, Johnson County, Texas has beautiful houses across the county. If you live in Johnson County, Texas and your cabinets look like they could use a facelift, contact us at Cabinet Transformer to make your cabinets look as good as new!

Cabinet Restoration in Kaufman County, TX

Kaufman County, Texas is one of Cabinet Transformer’s favorite service areas. Our clients love the restoration work we do on each of their cabinets in their Kaufman County, Texas homes. Upgrade your cabinets today without replacing them using our restoration services!

Cabinet Restoration in Rockwall County, TX

Cabinet refinishing, repainting, and refacing are all services we provide for clients in our beloved Rockwall County, Texas communities! Upgrade that kitchen today and increase the value of your property by using our cabinet restoration services in Rockwall County, Texas!

Cabinet Restoration in Collin County, TX

Reinvigorate your cabinets today in Collin County, Texas by hiring your friendly experts at Cabinet Transformer to repaint, refinish, and/or reface your old out-of-date cabinets! Save lots of money by having your Collin County, Texas cabinets professionally restored rather than replaced!